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Woodhall Manor Wedding

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

It was a pleasure to photograph Carole and Rob's wedding at Woodhall Manor last weekend. (July 2021) The sun shone, the guests and staff were wonderful and we're finally able to behave normally following "freedom day". Whilst I have "my" style of photography I always take into account the couple and as a professional photographer it's my jopb to provide images the couple will love. Carole and Rob are a fairly traditional couple and that's the style of photos I worked towards duringthe day with them. Having said that the apperance of the 3 singing waiters during the wedding breakfast was a surprise for everyone - I was only told a few minutes before! - and certainly not traditional but hugely entertaining.

Hi Allen, Thanks for the photos and video - lovely photos - really pleased with them and lovely to have you at our wedding. Thank you so much I'll get back to you asap with those for the wedding album - won;t be easy to choose just 30!


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