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Learn Wedding Photography

Follow Your Dream - Learn Not Just The Photography
But Also The BUSINESS of Wedding Photography


Presented by Allen Blasdell. 
Professional Award Winning Wedding Photographer With Over 10 Years Experience and 250+ Weddings

Wedding Photography used to seen as the poor relation to Fashion and other types of photography. It's now become desirable and profitble to be a wedding photographer.


In this course we will cover

Bride and Groom first dance at Suffolk Woodland wedding.jpg

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Make your Dream of Being a Wedding Photographer Happen

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There's a World of difference between photographing your friend/ sister/brothers wedding for free and running a successful Wedding Photography Business as your main income.

With so much information freely available it would be easy to assume that everything can be learnt online for free.

And maybe it can but NO ONE (as far as I know) offers a Photography AND business course that will allow you to become a full time professional wedding photographer - GUARANTEED!

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