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Learn Wedding Photography

Follow Your Dream - Learn Not Just The Photography
But Also The BUSINESS of Wedding Photography

I see many photographers selling courses on how to improve your photography.

I see a few people (some claim to be photographers) selling courses that'll "Make $10,000 next month" and so on.

I see Very Few real photographers expaining every aspect of starting, building and running a successful wedding photography business.

There ARE a few but even these tend to be created by super successful wedding photographers who long ago left the realms of reality that most of us live in.

My feet are still firmly on the ground and I KNOW that what I do YOU CAN DO

So here's me in a nutshell...

I'd been a keen photographer for many years and having photographed 3 weddings for friends and family; my frst paid wedding was in 2013 and as a result of buying a lead.

I charged (I think) £295 for the wedding and an hours family and group shots afterwards. 

I felt SO nervous! I'd written a list of things not to forget and a shot list and watched a hundred Youtube videos.

This year, 2024, I have 41 weddings booked as of February and expect maybe another 2 or 3 in the Autumn/Winter

I charge £1385 for the full day and almost all are the full day - I DO offer a reduction for midweek and out of season. I also do a few Boudoir shoots and Family sessions. (Remember I live in UK and prices in USA and Australia would likely be a lot higher) 

I've now photographed over 250 weddings, have won quite a few awards, been published often in magazines and allowed membership to some exclusive wedding websites.

I still love photographing weddings and maybe some of what I know could help others - maybe you - get started in wedidng photography.
Maybe I can help you go from part-time to full-time. 
Hopefully I can help you attain your goals and realise your dream.

You can only get so far with Youtube videos and freebies - the business and photography go hand in hand and learning both from a single person will much more likely to lead to success.


Presented by Allen Blasdell. 
Professional Award Winning Wedding Photographer With Over 10 Years Experience and 250+ Weddings

Wedding Photography used to seen as the poor relation to Fashion and other types of photography. It's now become desirable and profitble to be a wedding photographer.


In this course we will cover

Bride and Groom first dance at Suffolk Woodland wedding.jpg


* A 51 page PDF covering the business of wedding photography AND the photography
* 16 Videos to go alongside the PDF
* Ongoing Support - I'm HERE! Just an email or WhatsApp away 
* Weekly Zoom meeting where you can attend live or watch replays
* Honest and helpful critique of your work to help you grow

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Make your Dream of Being a Wedding Photographer Happen

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There's a World of difference between photographing your friend/ sister/brothers wedding for free and running a successful Wedding Photography Business as your main income.

With so much information freely available it would be easy to assume that everything can be learnt online for free.

And maybe it can but NO ONE (as far as I know) offers a Photography AND business course that will allow you to become a full time professional wedding photographer - GUARANTEED!



One Off Payment for Lifetime Access to the course. The course is available on the Members Only page and once payment is made you'll receive a login and password for access. (please allow a couple of hours for this!)


You'll taken to Paypal but you may use any card - you DON'T need an account

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