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My Portfolio

The best way to show you what I do is to give you a few real examples of real weddings.

From prep to first dance and everything in-between

Just click a wedding for the photos.


LAURA and SAM's Church Wedding

The bulk of my weddings are at least an hours drive so getting to photograph Laura and Sam's wedding was brilliant as they got married in the nearest church to me - about 1/4 mile away and their reception was in the Village Pub which they manage.

Brilliant also as perfect weather and Laura's prep was at her sister's house also in the village. 


Ben and Meily's Wedding

Ben got in touch for an Engagement Shoot with Meily. At the end of the shoot he'd made up his mind (prompted I think by Meily!) and asked to book. 

One my most favourite parts of the weddingday is the Brides prep - being a bit selfish here as it's a chance for me to get in the swing of things and create some great photos in a nice easy going, relaxed environment. 
Meily didn't want Prep covered so straight into the wedding at the beautiful Town Hall in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Meily was stunning to say the least!

Clementine and Jordon's Wedding

We met for a coffee in Bury St Edmunds and I just fell in love with Clem's accent - she's French!

For a change the wedding venue was Ravenwood Hall which is just a few miles from my house and one of the wedding venues where I'm the recommended photographer. (which is why we met for coffee!)

The wedding day was a little strange as so many people had come over from France for Clem's wedding and nearly half the guests didn't speak English which occasionally made life interesting!

A slightly wet day but didn't curtail anything and Clem looked amazing!!


Maisie and George's Wedding

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