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I often get asked "what's my  STYLE of Wedding Photography?" and it's one of the main questions any Bride should consider before selecting their photographer.

Wedding Photography Bury St Edmunds

Wedding photography style is an important consideration when it comes to capturing your special day.

There's many different "styles" and over the years I've come to love a particular "look" that is now my style.

The photographs I give my couples are an "end result"

What I mean is that the way a photograph looks, is a result of many things, the camera, the lenses used, the actual settings used for the shot, where did the photographer stand, what did they wait for (a moment!), was it totally natural or was there a little or a lot of direction. And much more.

Many people understandably, think that photographing a wedding is the same as they themselves use their phone to take a photo; basically point the phone and click. Done!

Sadly many wedding photographers do just this and produce flat, lifeless images when so much more is possible. 

LIGHT!  It's everything!

Add to that being in the right place at the right time with the right lens and setting and waiting for just the right moment and BAM!!

A wedding photo that's on a different planet

It didn't come easily and still means that a wedding isn't a stroll in the park; far from it.

For me a wedding day is about constantly thinking ahead by a minute, what gear will I need to best capture what'll happen in 60 seconds, where do I need to be to get the best light, what do I hope to happen that'll make a great photo.

How can I be more creative with what's happening.

Should I give the bride/groom/bridemaid etc just a little direction? Maybe ask them to repeat what they just did but over here in better light or will I miss something else whilst doing that?

It's second by second day that lasts for 8 to 10 hours.

But it's so worth it.

To get home and the next day look through some of the super photos and say to myself, "I did that!" 

It's why I love what I do and why just saying my style is X,Y or Z falls so short of what it really means to have me as your wedding photographer.