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2024 Wedding Photography - It Begins...

I get asked many questions about my wedding photography by prospective couples looking for their wedding photographer. Some like:-

Do you do candid shots or do you do lots of posing

Do you photograph everything at a wedding

What do your wedding photos look like

and so on....

So below is a small selection from a few weddings last year in and around Suffolk (but also Essex and Norfolk)

Not a single posed shot in sight!

HOWEVER - there IS a place for just a few posed (or at least staged) photos during the day. Like these....

At the end of the group and family photos I spend about 15 minutes with the couple to get some of these shots - maybe later in the day if there's a nice sunset or somewhere in the venue that's screaming out for some photos with the couple I'll ask for another 15 minutes.

That's all I'll ever ask - it's YOUR wedding - not MY photoshoot

Of course a few couples want some special shots - maybe a smoke shot - or sparklers which of course we'll do - but again as efficiently as possible.

Almost all my dates in 2024 are already booked (it's February!) apart from a couple in Autumn/Winter - of course there's a good selection of 2025 wedding dates still available so do get in touch with your date and let's see if we're a good match:-)



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