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Luxury Wedding Photographer

Weddings are a magical one time event - wouldn't it be great to be able to capture all that magic in a photograph.

That's my problem not yours - just rest assured that I'll do it and give you the most wonderful photos of your wedding.

So a question.
What would you rather have - a wedding photographer who stood there and snapped away and gave you some lovely photos of your wedding day.
A wedding photographer who looked for every good angle, waited for the prefect moment, sought interesting scenes, used the light and shadows to great effect, and gave you not just some lovely wedding photos but went the extra mile to get luxury wedding photos that capture the MAGIC of you day.

Luxury Wedding Photos


Welcome to the World of Luxury Wedding Photograpy

What is Luxury Wedding Photography?

Let me give you an Insider's View......

Using my own wedding photography journey from when I started back in 2013 to today I can look back and see that when I started I really couldn't describe my wedding photography as "luxury"

I did my best of course and the photos right from the start were at least "good" but not yet at the "luxury" level.

They were, to be honest, the sort of photos you'd expect from most wedding photographers.

2019 was the year when I look back and can "see" a difference in my photography. 

The photos are more creative, have better composition and use light and shadow better. My camera equipment had also taken a leap forward which also helped with the very best professional lenses used exclusively.

I'd like to be able to say that "here" is what makes a wedding photo "luxury" but it's not that simple. And I'll be perfectly honest and say that not every wedding is conducive to creating luxury wedding photos. However these days I'm fortunate to mainly be photographing church weddings or weddings at top quality country house dedicated wedding venues.

All which lends itself to my style that produces luxury wedding photography.

It's about looking at the scene in front of the camera and "seeing" the final photograph. What's the best position to get a good background for the photo. Where is the light coming from - do I need to find some shade or use a patch of sunlight creatively. Can I add some mystery by shooting through leaves or flowers. What story can I tell if I add people or background. Should I find something to stand on to get a shot looking down or crouch down low and look up.

For every photograph there's so many things to consider if the end product is to be a luxury wedding photo.

Luxury wedding photo of brides prep

Above we have Clementine in the final stages of "prep" being buttoned up. A pretty standard wedding shot. But capturing the feel of the hussle and bussle of that moment with the 3 bridesmaids all doing their bit. It's backlit by light from the window which can often mean the people are very dark so photographers use flash - I rarely use flash and here it's just knowing how to get this shot correctly exposed. Getting down very low to get an intersting angle and using the correct lens focal length with the apperture set to keep most things in focus. 

Then edited very gently to preserve the colours and textures.

Let's take just 2 photos and ask why, in my opinion, they are examples of luxury wedding photography.

BTW luxury rarely means posed! None of my wedding couples are professional models and ordinary folk really aren't good enough at posing for "posed" photos to look genuine. So that's another feature of luxury wedding photos - they are documentary or reportage or candid - whatever you want to call them.

Priscilla finally ready - totally unposed just being the right place at the right time and ready to get the shot. Mirror shots can be a problem as no one wants me in the photo! By seeking the right place to be that was avioded. Notice the small amount of the 4 poster bed post in the edge of the photo to add more depth and for this shot black and white was the right "look"

Brides refelction as a luxury wedding photograph
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