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Hi, I'm Allen,
Let's answer the question.


It's an important day
It's a REALLY important day - it's your wedding day

Understandably you want photos of this day.

For some that will be simple photos by friends and family
For many it will be professional photos of just some parts of the day 
And for some it will be hundreds of photos of every moment of the entire day with every image crafted to perfection.

And depending on what you want I maybe, or may not be,
the right photographer for you.



Artisitic Photographs that capture the magic, moments and love of your wedding day 


*  A photographer who'll blend in, who won't take over your wedding yet be on hand to guide and assist when needed.

*  Social Proof - peace of mind from knowing scores of other couples have had a great experience with this photographer.

*  and Value for Money

Then we're already a great fit for each other.

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Here's what you'll get if you decide to book me as your wedding photographer:-

Promises of the best photos in the World will mean nothing if I don't turn up!
So when you book me you can rest easily - in over 250 weddings I've NEVER missed more than 10 minutes of prep (got a puncture) - I have 2 photographers that sometimes work with me as 2nd photographers who'll step in should the need ever arise - I've worked through illness, badly twisted ankle, and awful weather to get the photos.

Pay the deposit and cross "photography" of the list.....


Experience - 9 years as a professional photographer with about 250 weddings covered. From 2 hour registry office weddings to 3 days on a Greek Island - been there done it!


 Quality - of course most of the day is about getting photos that tell the story of your day - but I go further - a lot further with a few photos that will become more art than photo.


Price - honestly a full day wedding is actually about 4 days work for me forgetting all the equipment needed to do a top class professional job. However I don't believe in pricing double just because it's a wedding so my prices are realistic for a working professional. Yes your friend at work can do it cheaper but will you risk your lifetime memories?

Here's What a Normal Day's Wedding Photography With Me is Like.....


I'll arrive about half way through your Prep. Any earlier and there's really nothing you'll want photographed. I'll photograph you whilst having H&MU done, your bridesmaids, paige boys, plus all the trinkets, jewelry, shoes and of course dresses.

All these things will mean something to you and in years to come you'll love to remember it all.

Possibly they'll be a few minutes to grab some photos of "the guys" before the ceremony.

And then of course onto ..
THE CEREMONY and the Rest of The Day

Whether it's a small Registry Office, a Country House Estate or a Church I video every moment for you re-live this for years to come.
I use the venues features in the best way to create interesting photos of you both at this most special time.

GET IN TOUCH for details

Please contact me HERE or use the Chat Box below.

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4 It's Not JUST About The Photos - your wedding photographer will be beside you for most of the day and you'll spend a lot of time with them. It's really important that you get along with your photographer and they "fit in" at your wedding. I'm told I'm easy going, personable and "a pleasure to have at our wedding" as several people have said.

5 Speed - many couples have to wait weeks to see their photos - I always get your digital photos to you within 2 weeks even in the middle of summer when I'm sometimes at 2 weddings a week.

6 Finally Reliability - in spite of punctures, road closures and traffic jams I have NEVER missed a wedding. I WILL be there no matter what!

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