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I often get asked "what's my  STYLE of Wedding Photography?" and it's one of the main questions any Bride should consider before selecting their photographer.

Before I explain my own style here's a quick run down of what's available to choose from:-

Traditional or Classic
A timeless style to photograph a wedding - the photos are taken in such a way that they will look good in an album this week and in 30 years time.
The bride and groom may specify a number of "must have" photos to which the photographer would add complimentary images throughout the day. Photos would be slightly staged without being overly posed - this ensures the best combination of natural look yet gets technically better photos than pure documentary or photojournalism.

Wedding Photography Bury St Edmunds

Documentary / Photojournalism / Reportage
Basically the same styles where the photographer blends into the background and photographs the events of the day without any input regarding posing, positioning etc.
Creates very natural looking images and tells the story of the wedding day but is limited in that the photographer has to use whatever light is available for each shot, from whatever angle is possible with whatever background is there.


Illustrative Photography

This style is quite a recent arrival - it's a mix of traditional and documentary photography with an emphasis on composition, lighting and background. The photographer places subjects together in an interesting environment and encourages them to relax and interact.
Illustrative photography style captures the spontaneity of documentary, while offering the technical control of posed shots.


Many photographers excel at the precision required in portraiture—formal, posed images that emphasize one or more people. The Lighting can be dramatic, unique angles and well chosen backgrounds with large lens apertures to give a unique blurred background.

These staged photographs include posed shots of the bride and groom, as well as portraits with family members.


High Fashion

Commercial photographers create striking, simple photographs that dramatize the subject—and, of course, the clothes!

Though not a style generally included in wedding photography, you may want to choose a photographer with high fashion experience if looking artsy and glamorous while showing off your dress is important to you...or if you want your wedding photos to end up in a stylish bridal magazine or blog!


Many, if not most photographers, would say their style is, reportage, or classical, or candid, or high fashion......

I think they miss the point - my client (you) pays me to
get images that reflect THEM - not me.

So if you're wedding is in a 600 year old church with rich colours in your bouquet in an Ivory dress then I'll provide images that suit that - not my "high fashion" style that would be totally out of place. Conversely the antique/vintage look wouldn't be right for a wedding in a modern wedding venue.

So my style is to give you whatever will be the

best suited to your particular wedding.

Now - that said, many weddings do happen in a quite neutral location and my bride and groom often say, "do what you think will look best". 

Here's my chance to provide you with wedding photography that I personally love.

These are natural looking yet carefully created images where I'll select a background that fits you, your dress, your flowers etc. I'll then use lighting to create subtle areas of light and shade, highlight and shadow. I'll use lenses that create dreamy out of focus areas and other parts that are pin sharp.
That is "my style" of wedding photography and would fit best into the "Illustrative" style


Engagement Photo Shoot

Try Before you Buy!
I offer Free Engagement shoots to engaged couples where you'll get 30+ gorgeous photos, meet me, and see what it's like to have professional photos done in advance of your wedding.


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Please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll answer anything for you :-)


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So obviously a consultation is FREE but also there's No Obligation - it's a chance to meet me in person, see what I'm like, tell me what you want and get a price.


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