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Summer Wedding Photography At Ivy House Hotel, Suffolk

Bride putting ring on grooms finger at Suffolk wedding

It's not unusual for me to "click" with the Bride and Groom at their wedding.

Thankfully that's the norm as I spend so much time with the couple during their wedding day. This is something I think many engaged couples overlook when selecting their wedding photographer. Yes of course you want photos of your wedding that you'll love, yes you want the right package at the right price and YES you really do need to be comfortable with the person you select to photograph your wedding.

I suspect that often price over-rides everything else.

I get it - even princesses probably have a budget !

With Jenny and Craig we'd meet a few months before at the venue, Ivy House on the Norfolk broads, and instantly "clicked". As Jenny went on to explain more about the wedding photos she'd really like and that getting all the "moments" was really important I knew that I was going to enjoy photographing their weddng. It got even better when she explained they'd booked a "singing waiter" as a surprise for everyone and that rather that the traditional group photos they'd prefer it if they could rush round every table at the start of the wedding breakfast so i could get a ohoto of them at each table - way more fun than boring old posed family photos!

My "style" of wedding photography is to concentrate on the moments and emotions that every wedding has - to then be sure to use light and camera techniques to turn those into unforgettable images of the couple's wedding day.

And all this whilst being a really nice guy to have around on their wedding :-)


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