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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY..... but a little different

I'm a wedding photographer in Suffolk but cover all of East Anglia for contemporary wedding photography. On my way to a wedding I have no thoughts like, "I must get this wedding photo" or, "I'll do this or that". I approach every wedding as a unique event that's not about me and getting photos for my website or to post on social media - it's ALL ABOUT the wedding couple.

It's their day at their chosen venue on this day with these guests and a one size fits all approach is simply wrong imho.

So whilst I can show wedding photos that show my "style" - my style is actually unique to your wedding day where I'll capture the moments, the atmosphere and staory that is unique to you.

My belief about wedding photography is that it should be real. That the photos should reflect the weather, the wedding venue, the wedding guests and of course the Bride and Groom. Photos should encompass the wedding day themes and colours.

I'm uncomfortable with many other Suffolk wedding photographers giving their wedding couple photos that are generic; they could be anyone's wedding as they all look so similar. Same photo with just a different face on kinda thing.

What I want to hear from my couples is things like Georgia and Ben, who got married recently at "The Granary Estates" near Cambridge, who said, "I LOVE THEM! you captured the very essence of our wedding day just perfectly"

Cambridge Wedding Photography
Georgia and Ben The Granary Estates

I should also mention that I'm not a fan of the traditional "Wedding Group Photo" - everyone standing there, bored, cold (or hot!), talking to each other and really just wanting to get back to "the wedding". Interestingly I notice that when I receive the 40 photos that the Bride and Groom want in their album it rarely has more than 2 "group" photos in! Obviously not too popular with the wedding couple either.

I DO however like the smaller groups, like the wedding couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen where I can "arrange" where they stand and create an interesting photo. I always then end up with just the Bride and Groom and spend literally a few minutes getting some photos that would be unlikely to occur "naturally". But certainly not "posed".

The 2 years of Covid was a real blow to my wedding photography but did allow plenty of time to re-evaluate the type and style of wedding photography I wanted to do in future.

And that is "natural"

Not necessarily "documentary" or even candid but something where I'm allowed to play a part in the photo but that appears to be totally natural and "just happened" Like the one of Ben and Georgia above where it was "created" by me yet looks totally natural.

It's now December with 2023 pretty much booked for the summer but with a few free dates in Spring and Autumn that I'd be delighted to fill with YOUR wedding.

If my style is something you like , if you want wedidng photos that are different without being "out there" then please get in touch.

Best wishes



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