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Matt and Sophies' Wedding

Now this was a difficult wedding!

Matt is a wedding photographer and does weddings for me if I'm already booked and would be my stand-in should a disaster happen. So he's pretty good which I felt put me under pressure on his wedding day!

I'm sure he didn't but I could see him scrutinising every photo I gave to him - also felt I should give him photos that were exactly his style of photography

I always want a happy client!

And on that note it was great to get such a glowing review after Matt and Sophie got their photos....

Their wedding was in a local church which I adore - just something about a church wedding that feels "right". The church in question was huge and allowed me lots of freedom during the ceremony to move around and get shots I often want but can't get.

Sophie got ready at home with her bridesmaids and used a superb 1960's convertable Ford as here wedding car - beautiful!

The reception was at "The Barn Brassierie" - a beautiful (but very dark) wedding venue.I've there before and knew what to expect - a challenge for a photographer but gorgeous for the bride and groom and guests.


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