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My Wedding Photography STYLE - documentary!

Updated: May 17, 2023

Let's start by saying what "my wedding photography style" is NOT!

It's Not always a summer wedding

It's Not always the same wedding photos with different heads on

It's Not an opportunity for me to get wedding photos for ME or my Instagram or Facebook feed.

My Wedding Photography Style IS:-

REAL - if it's a wet and windy Wednesday then the photos will show that

Every wedding is UNIQUE and I create the Best Images for YOUR Wedding - not my Instagram profile.

Whilst most weddings follow a similar format I'll use the Venue, the weather and time of year, and you and your guests personalities to create UNIQUE photos of your wedding day.

Documentary Wedding Photo Suffolk

And of course they're NATURAL.....

And they tell a story, YOUR story.

It's YOUR day and my utmost efforts go into creating a unique artistic photographic story of your wedding.

So what's that mean?

For me it means "REAL"

I might just say "hey guys" to get you to look at me but other than that almost every photo at your wedding is taken without interference. That's not to say I'm hiding a corner or ignoring you or your guests. Quite the opposite - I look at myslf as a priveleged guest who spends the whole day with you and your wedding guests to capture the small moments that make your wedding day unique.


It begins with the brides "prep"

Documentary wedding photo

I don't believe I should "make an entrance" - rather I quietly get started with the dress, jewelry, flowers and other details that you've got for your day.

I then unobtrusively will get shots of you and you make-up artist and hair stylist. Then the bridesmaids and flower girls and paige boys. Then that look on Dad's face when he sees you for the forst time in your dress (priceless!)

The Ceremony.

Indoors, Outdoors, Registry Office, Church, Wedding Venue. 4 Wedding Guests or 160

There's a lot of different ceremony's people have at their wedding!

Yet they all present me with great opportunities to tell this story where 2 people are dedicating themselves to the other in front of friends and family.

Wedding ceremony closeup

And it demands photos that meet the couples expectations.

There must be great photos of everything from the bride walking down the aisle with her father (brother/son/ granddad) roght through to the first kiss and beyond.

It's often a challenge - churches usually have desperately low light levels combined with beautiful but very bright stained glass windows.

Some hotels have oak paneled rooms with a few wall lights which at a mid-winter wedding will make photography very difficult (I never use flash at a ceremony!)

And then sometimes it's 35c in mid summer outside in brilliant sunshine.

But always great photos get delivered:-)

Group and Family Wedding Photos

Ok, you want these - I understand and I do whatever list of shots you

Bride and bridesmaids suffolk wedding

want in as artistic a way as possible (No Football Line ups I promise)

Bride and Groom Couple Photos

I'm a documentary wedding photographer BUT I still believe there's a place for a few "created" rather than posed shots of you both. Many venues have a perfect place for this with a lovely setting, interesting light and in a few minutes we can get some adorable photos of you that will never look overly "posed"

Pure Documentary Wedding Photos

Throughout the day I'm looking for photos that help tell the story of your wedding day. From some kids playing to Grandmum fussing about flowers and all those little things that come together and make your wedding day what it is.

Speeches, Cake Cutting and First Dance.

As we get towards the end of your wedding day everyone's really relaxed and it's usually a time when some of the best photo opportunities appear.

The emotional speeches - or the really funny speeches and peoples' reactions.

And the first dance - sometimes a gentle shuffle but sometimes a well rehearsed few minutes of pure entertainment.

I love every minute I'm at your wedding capturing these memories.


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