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Best Wedding Photographer in Suffolk

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Hitched is one of the UK's leading Wedding Websites with thousands of couples using them to find suppliers, get inspiration and help plan their wedding.

When it was announced that I'd won a Wedding Award I was super pleased as only a handful of wedding photographers in Suffolk had also won an award.

So when I received an Email telling me I was selected as "The Best Wedding Photographer in Suffolk" I was over the Moon!

At the same time I was also accepted by both "This is Reportage" and "Masters of Wedding Photography" - both World class wedding photography websites who only accept photographers who've reached the level they require.

So what does this mean for couples who book me as their wedding photographer?

Well for a start, photos like these.....

Essentially I aim to give the wedding couple natural, unposed, yet photographically great images that together combine to tell the story of their wedding day.

There is also I believe a place for a "few" created photos. Let's face it you're unlikely to often look as fabulous as you do on your wedding day so why not make the most of it. So once or twice I'll set-up some lighting in a location that willl allow me to capture created (rather than posed) photos for you.....

Suffolk Wedding Couple

But there's more.....

These days it's possible to use my cameras to capture video throughout the day. So I create a 15/20 minute "hilite" video covering the entire day. (oh and the entire ceremony)

There's of course a Wedding Album

And an Engagement or pre (or post) wedding shoot

I totally love photographing weddings and I'm so pleased that I finally got the opportunity to make this my profession and passion.

I also love hearing about couples plans and ideas - being a small part of their wedding planning process so please do get in touch and let's see if we can wok together to give you


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