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Wedding Photography at Belstead Brook Hotel Ipswich

My first wedding at Belstead Brook Hotel.

Buried in the housing expansions of the 60's this is a real gem. I presume when it was built it was in open countryside - now surrounded by housing it's still retains it's character and you could be a million miles from any houses. The palatial reception with it's chandeliers, mirrors and exotic furnture made for some beautiful photos of Barry and Donna. Later the lights from the hotel made for a lovely backdrop to more photos.

And we were so lucky with the weather - as I write this a day later we've gone from sunny warm and a beautiful late September day to strormy, wet and cold!

I always try and produce wedding photos that match the couple, the venue and the weather rather than a fixed "wedding photography style". I hope I've acheived this for Barry and Donna....

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