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Lifestyle Portrait Photography

So who are you?

Who are your children?

What do you enjoy - what do they enjoy - what image would remind you of THIS time in ten years time?

"I enjoy creating, not just nice pictures of you, your children and family but images that tell a story."

It's all very well going to a studio and standing in nice poses with perfect lighting and receiving images that look great....

But what is the story?

Will the images remind you of who you or your children were ten years form now.

I provide a home based (or other location) portrait photography service where I'll take the studio shots with perfect lighting and white background as you'd get in a photographers studio.

But I'll go further....

I'll spend time with each of you to find out a little about you and get images that tell your story.

Maybe you like cycling - then I'll get some shots of you on your bike

Maybe you love cooking - get going and I'll some great shots of you in your kitchen

Perhaps you child is into Lego - then let's get some shots of them engrossed in building the latest project.

Whatever it is that says who you and your family are I'll capture in addition to the normal portrait shots.

All the images are available for download but you may also buy prints off the website directly in various sizes and formats - even an album.


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