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Ipswich Wedding

Isaac's On The Quay is a contemporary Wedding Venue on the Ipswich waterfront with a backdrop of yachts, modern high rise buildings and is a hidden gem of a wedding venue.

From my point of view as a Wedding Photographer I'm always looking for somewhere to get "interesting" shots of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and guests. So having wedding venue with so much character makes my life easier and very enjoyable.

I met Amy and James at Isaac's On The Quay way back in the depths of winter when we did their engagement shoot there. It was dark and enabled me to indulge my desires for twikly lights in the background of their engagement photos and create some really unusual character engagement photos.

So come their wedding day I started with Amy's and the bridesmaids "prep" in Isaac's On The Quay bedroom suite upstairs whilst James and the Groomsmen got ready downstarirs.

The ceremony room was magnificent and decorated beautifully with summer flowers. Again the character of this wedding venue really shows in the ceremony photos.

Whilst there's no traditional garden for the group wedding photos I did get some shots on the patio and then outside using Ipswich Marina as the backdrop.

We ended a fantastic wedding day with the first dance where the DJ had a perfect lighting set-up.

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