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Suffolk wedding ceremony.jpg

Becky and Mark's Wedding at The Granary Estates near Newmarket Suffolk

My day began with Becky and Mark's wedding as usual with Becky's prep. some distance from The Granary Estates. I think it's important for me to give photos to the couple that tell the whole story of the day and the Bride getting ready along with photos of the details like her wedding dress, jewelry, shoes and so on all help to tell the full story - in years to come these details will will get forgotten but bought back to life with my photos.

Then it's off to the wedding venue - sadly in quite heavy rain; but hey, it is England I suppose.

At the venue I meet Mark and "the guys", get some photos of them, the rings, the flowers and the venue itself before Becky arrives and is helped into the venue with a covering umbrella. 

From then on it's a case of me photographing the events of the day, the ceremony, group and family photos of course, candid shots of the just married couple, their guests and kids.

I also record lots of short video clips throughout the day so that I can give the bride and groom a 20 minute "hilight" video of their wedding day.

The day ends as always with a first dance which gives me a chance to set-up some lighting so that I can create some dramatic photos of the end of their day.

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