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Wedding Photography Style

How Important will your wedding photos be to you in years to come? I know that some people want a simple reminder, almost just proof that it actually happened! Whilst many others want to squeeze every photo possible from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Wedding Photo Leica Look

To have stunning, beautiful images to decorate your home, to have in an album that tells the whole story of your day.

If you feel you're in the first group then that's fine and pretty much anyone with a camera offering to photograph your wedding will deliver.

If however you want more than just "some photos" then you'll need to look closely at who you choose as your photographer. We wedding photographers (and by "we" I mean us full time, professionals as opposed to the army of part-time enthusiasts) will have a "STYLE"

Some photographers "styles" are instantly recognisable. There's one who edits photos so there's not an ounce of green in her photos and every one looks like mid summer. There's many who produce almost all black&white images and others who's main foucs is to "create" images like the bride and groom at sunset in a cornfield, as opposed to documentary photographers like myself whose aim is to capture "moments" that will in time become your actual memory of the day. And even this style of photography can go further....

Documentary Wedding photography

Years ago I discovered LEICA cameras - specifically the "rangefinder" M9 and M10. These have been used by many of the world's best photographers over decades to capture unforgettable images that are instantly recognisable. And they have a "look" The way they capture light and shodow, how they somehow instantly draw attention to the subject and the beautiful tones and colours.

These cameras whilst creating beautiful photos are not really practical for weddings where the hussle and bussle demands instant response from the camera.

Yet I've always strived to that same "look"

Finally I reached the pont where I can produce images at weddings that have the "Leica Look" - where the photo has something to say, where the colours are pleasing and shadow and light become part of the story the photo tells.

This is my style....

To be there almost unnoticed, ready in an instant to capture that "moment", that memory that maybe won't win a competition (but yes, some do!) but will have meaning to you; that will become a treasured memory, that is genuine and natural.

If your wedding photos need to be more than just photos then I do have some availability for 2022 and beyond. Please get in touch for details.


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