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Wedding Photography 2021

With Covid Finally in Retreat What Can Couples Planning To Get Married in 2021 Expect or Hope For.

Wedding Photography for 2021

Should I go ahead with my 2021 wedding? Here's some Covid-19 rules and advice for your wedding day

As restrictions continue to change at a moment's notice, here's what I see as things stand for weddings planned for 2021.

Firstly here's the governments offical statement on weddings:-

The Prime Minister announced on the evening of the 27th January 2021 that he will be announcing an unlocking roadmap week commencing 22nd February 2021. He stated schools would be the first places to open and estimated this may begin on the 8th of March. I'm awaiting the roadmap for official confirmation of this and hopeful weddings will be mentioned in this general roadmap.

RECENT NEWS: Boris Johnson acknowledges the wedding industry and reassures couples and businesses about weddings in the Spring and Summer of 2021.

“If you’re thinking about the summer, I think you’ll be alright… it is my strong hope and belief that by the summer, one way or the other, whether delivered by vaccination (which I hope will be delivered by Easter) or by lateral flow testing, it will be a different world.” – Boris Johnson

To me that sounds really encouraging and I believe it's the governments wish and plan to get the country back to near normal by late Spring - so having kept up with informed people and professional bodies it's my opinion that weddings from say June onwards will be pretty much as they used to be.

bride and father walk down the aisle
Your Wedding WILL Happen!

How has Coronavirus affected the supply of wedding dresses?

For most brides, trying to find the dream wedding dress can take a lot of time and effort and is one of the most important boxes to be ticked. Having found, chosen, and ordered your perfect gown, it would be devastating to find you can’t wear it due to COVID-19. China is one of the largest wedding dress producers in the world along with Northern Italy. Like everyone they've suffered in 2020 and that has obviously affeced production. If you've already ordered your dress but it's not arrived keep chasing. It maybe wise to look for an alternative that is more likely to be available should your first choice start to look dubious. Obviously there are many dresses available off the peg at the dozens of East Anglia's Bridal shops and at least that way you KNOW your dress is available

Will our honeymoon be affected by Coronavirus?

If you are both healthy and are happy to take the risk that you may have to quarantine on your return, there is no reason not to go on a foreign honeymoon as planned (as long as travel restrictions allow). However I suspect that the most recent introduction of enforced hotel quarantine from many countries (also the list changes at short notice) at a cost of £1700 each is probably enough to make most couples delay their foreign honeymoon until a future date.

What if you haven't yet started booking but want to get married in 2021?

Couples should start looking for their dream venue and all of their suppliers now and have a 2nd and 3rd option at the ready for each supplier in case their first choice suppliers are already booked. Some things will be ESSENTIAL in order for you to have the wedding you hope for - maybe the cake is REALLY important, maybe photography - whatever is most important get that sorted - TODAY!

If it helps here's a run down of just a few of the wedding venues in East Anglia I've been to.

The entire wedding industry is going to soon be overwhelmed as, in my opinion, at some point soon the vaccine and lockdown will start to dramatically ease restrictions and all the pent up backlog of weddings will see a surge in booking requests. Be open minded and still be ready for a few restrictions but it doesn’t mean that your wedding will not be fantastic.

Summer Wedding Abbey GArdens
A Dream Summer Wedding

I'm so much more hopefull for weddings in 2021 - I really believe this year will see you able to have your dream wedding - if you've already booked everything then fingers crossed - if not - you really do need to start TODAY!

Hope this has been useful

Very best wishes


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