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Essex Wedding Photography at Friern Manor

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Daniel and Paige's Wedding in Essex at Friern Manor in May.

Let's be honest and say that not every wedding goes 100% according to plan. It's mid May so you'd expect half decent weather but hey, this is England and it rains. And somedays it rains all day non stop.....

Sadly that was the case for Daniel and Paige.

Friern Manor is perfect for Essex wedding photography - there's just so many little places to get fabulous photos of the wedding couple, a small lake, a jetty, a bridge, a covered seat, beautiful shrubs and plants.

We did manage to find a few minutes when the rain eased to almost (but not quite) a stop so took advantage of that - but of course the ground was soaking wet. Paige understandably wasn't keen to get on the grass or drag her beautiful wedding dress through the many puddles so we limited ourselves to a few shots on the jetty.

None the less the rest of the day (indoors) offered some beautiful photos of her wedding in Essex.

Allen is an Award Winning wedding photographer whose photos are regularly published in wedding magazines. He covers all of East Anglia (Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire) and North London for larger, prestigious weddings - his "style" is relaxed and natural with a light and airy feel to the photos (even when it rains alll day!)


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