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Colchester Wedding Photographer

The Town Hall at Colchester is a popular wedding venue and I've photographed many weddings here; sometimes it's just the ceremony in the normal size registry office downstairs and a couple of times the wedding ceremony has been in the Council Chambers - a beautiful character filled circular room with balcony and makes for fabulous wedding photos.

Colchester Wedding Photography

The Colchester Town Hall has some magnificent stairs in the entrance lobby leading up to the Council Chambers and other rooms. These offer a starting point after the Wedding Ceremony for group and couple wedding photographs. I usually then expect to take the 2 minute walk to Colchester Castle to get further group and couple photos as the grounds and surroundings are a perfect backdrop for photographs. Get the timing and weather right and it's possible to get some great star burst images as well as more traditional wedding photos in the small pond and garden.

I love the hussle and bussle of photographing a wedding in Colchester town centre - it seems to add to the atmosphere and sense of occasional


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