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Church Weddings in Suffolk

Suffolk Church Wedding

Of all the wedding photography I do there's nothing better than a church wedding. Call me old fashioned but church weddings just feel more like a "proper" wedding! From tiny churches with space for only 40 guests to huge, almost cathedral sized churches throughout Suffolk it's my been my privilege to photograph scores of weddings in churches. Example - the photo above was Jen's wedding to Darren at Euston Country Estate - the estate has it's own church and both bride and groom work for the estate so were able to use it for their wedding. To top the whole thing off they used the estates' horses and a local carriage for transport - a truly wonderful day.

Suffolk Country Church Wedding

And then there was Nicola and James' wedding - again at a country church in Suffolk. They live in a wonderful house with a huge garden (including a lake and small wodds!) AND it backs onto a small country church - so Nicola was driven from their front door to the church in a lovely old car but after the ceremony they simply walked back through their woods to their reception held in their garden.

And then there was Kayla and Justins' church wedding.... I could go on for way too long.....

Country Church Wedding

I Just Love Church Weddings!


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