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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

You've probably had a lot of photographers contact you regarding your wedding photography.

Choice is a good thing but how do you now choose

who is going to be your wedding photographer?

This is a crucial decision as for the rest of your life the only tangible thing you have from your wedding is photographs.

For some people it'll be easy - they simply want a few snapshots of their day so they choose the cheapest. Job done. (and fingers crossed!)

For some they want a very particular "style" of photograph regardless of price - again probably quite an easy decision.

But most people want good quality photos, taken by someone who'll fit into their day and not upset anyone and won't try and take over the wedding and at a realistic price.

So - you need a professional rather than a "weekend photographer" who'll have photographed scores of weddings already with good reviews and who's photos would be ones you'd like for your wedding.


Do they have professional accreditation

Does their Facebook page go back years with good reviews

Do you like the photos in their gallery

Does any communication from them come across as friendly or a bit business like

And finally price - the most expensive UK photographer I know (personally) is Brett Florins who charges £8000 (but you do get a heck of a lot of albums, prints, videos etc) To a degree you do get what you pay for - you'll probably get more for £2000 than £1000 but smaller differences might hardly make a difference which makes price the worst reason to choose someone.

My best advice is MEET THEM!

It's so much easier to choose when you've met face to face.

I hope this has been useful and maybe one day we can meet :-)



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