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My 2023 Wedding Photos in East Anglia

What is it that you book a wedding photographer to do?

Ok, take photos but what kind of photos?

And does it matter if they take over your wedding?

Do you prefer that they get on well with all your guests?

All things that you might want to consider before booking your photographer - but for today it's THE PHOTOS!

It's almost October and the weddings are back down to a more comfortable 3 or 4 a month but here are some of my facvourites from this year so far.

Some 2023 Wedding Photos....

"My Style is all about capturing YOUR DAY in a way that recreates all the emotions, the memories and moments in a relaxed. natural way. "

It's not about making every photo look like it was summer or using some "one size fits all" approach to editing your photos - nor about spending an hour getting shots of you both that might look good but mean your wedding is more photoshoot than celebration of love.

After many years and over 250 weddings I'm able to be in the right place at the right time to capture all the moments, emotions and memories in an artistic, creative way that doesn't take over your day.

Photos like these.....

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