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Personal Branding Photography

What is Personal Branding Photography and who needs it?

The term Personal Branding is pretty new - I guess originating in US.

It's realising that for everyone from a self employed electrician to a large corporation is represented by their "brand".


Nothing new there except that with the advent of the Internet which allows anyone to reach an audience even sole traders have a "BRAND" and it's this brand that identifies them and their business, their products and their work.
Before the Internet and Social Media it was only larger companies that ever bothered about their "brand", about their presence and image.
SInce Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube became the defacto way people and businesses find most of their suppliers and since a Website became a business' shopfront even sole traders need to be concerned about their BRAND

It's what potential customers see; it's what they believe and it hugely affects their buying decisions. 
And it's NOT the words that count.....



When anyone sees your Facebook page - your website or Instagram feed, it's the images that almost instantly form their opinion. Subconsciously of course, but it none the less means that what you present to the World has never been more critical.

The ever improving quality of Smartphone photography means that anyone can take a great photograph. Heck my phone has more megapixels than my cameras!

So why does professional photography even have a place in this?

Because it's nothing to do with the equipment and everything to do with the person using it.

I could give you a £45,000 Hassleblad H6D-400C 400Mp camera and the images would be no better than a smart phone.
Yet a professional photographer could use a low end 10 year old camera and get magazine quality images.

So what does "Personal Branding" actually entail?

The term covers a multitude of things but typically would include :-
Headshots of you and your team - used for website profiles, Facebook posts, catalogues and anything where a member of your team interacts with prospective clients or customers.
Team shots - forget the football team lineup shot - we're talking your team at work, socialising or at a meeting.
Documentary shots - you and your team at work - what do you all do? Images that portray what it is you're offering your prospect that instantly builds a picture in their mind - a business that's friendly, caring, efficient, skilled - whatever attribute you want to convey can be done instantly with the right image.

Your Workplace - how do you create your products or services - what's the process - anything that gets a prospect involved is likely to lead to better understanding, more trust and fewer obstacles.

Product shots - what do you make?
What do you provide?

Working Together

My Story...

I've taken photographs since I was 12 when I got my first camera. I've been a professional wedding photographer for 7 years but prior to that had photographed a diverse portfolio - from the Space Shuttle to MotoGP - from Rock Stars to Valentino Rossi.
SInce becoming professional I occasiopnally got involved in commercial photography doing shoots for motorcycle showrooms, many sellers on Amazon and many "events" from Clay Pidgeon shoots to Annual Award ceremonies.

In 2020 there was of course few weddings so I took the opportunity to focus more on Commercial photography with shots of an Internationally published author, a Youtube Star guitar teacher and a finalist in Miss UK TopModel and many others.
I love it!

Weddings are fine but this commercial photography allows me to be so much more creative and artistic and I'm energetically building this side of my business.



If you head over to my "Personal Branding Page" you'll see more information, packages and prices.


You possibly have never used a professional photographer and are unsure what you'll get, how will it be to work with one, what images will you get and so on.

So, as I want to build relationships where I'm you're "go to" photographer on a repeating basis. And expanding into a new field always means giving before you receive - so I'm looking to work with a number of clients during this summer at vastly reduced rates - AROUND HALF PRICE

It can be headshots, your team, products, documentary shots of your workplace or office. Anything you feel will help your business gain an advantage through images.

Simply get in touch and let's sort out the best way I can help you.

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