2021 Photo

2021 - A Journey Through My Photography Year

Ok, so it's not a wedding photo from 2021 but it WAS one of the first images from January 2021

back when we had full Covid Lockdown, when Christmas had been cancelled and we were all holding our breath for a vaccination.

Winter has a few Weddings but is also a time for me to get some photos for my Art Sales website - from images of fruit and bread for a kitchen wall to the Winter Tree for a Lounge wall.
Also some "street" photography - helps later in the year when it comes to "seeing" a good spot for wedding photos!


With the arrival of March came the reurn of small weddings, boudoir shoots and families. Life was slowly beginning to look more normal after 12 months of restrictions.


Whilst many Wedding Photographers simply do weddings I can't do that. I'm so passionate about photography, I'm hooked on the thrill of capturing something magical that will stand the test of time and that maybe, just maybe someone in 100 years will see and say, "that's my granddad in that photo" or, "that was the view before houses were built there"

Photography for me goes way beyond the simple "here's a nice photo" - a photo is a unique instant in time captured forever.

I feel it's my "duty" to create the very best memories of every "moment" of time I capture - that's why I'm so passionate about my work.

And so the arrival of April and May bought weddings - not the full day, 100 guests I'm used to but 15 or 30 people at a small gathering to celebrate the love of 2 people. 


June - ah glorious June!

Finally summer arrived and we learnt that on 12th July ALL Covid restrictions would be ended - weddings and socialising was back to normal. The phone rang, emails poured in and the diary was very quickly completely full for August and September.

In fact not just full, as full is normally 4 weddings in a month, but overflowing with 9 weddings in both months.

Things were happening so fast I really couldn't keep track as I would have stopped at 6 weddings each month.


The day after the restrictions ended Tim and Casey got married....


And from then on it's was a haze of weddings through to the end of September..


And finally I got a weekend without a wedding to do!

Welcome to October and November.

I love Autumn weddings - these days the weather is often pleasant and the shorter days mean more creative night-time photos. 

There's also other shoots to be done - Boudoir, Familes and Styled Childrens Shoots