Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding Photography Prices

It's all about your perception...

Much like some people would pay a lot for a particular painting whilst others wouldn't give it space on their wall - photography is all in the eye of the beholder.
|Some people would pay hundreds for a bottle of wine - me - I'm happy with supermarket offerings!
And so it is with Wedding Photography.

For some couples photographs by their friend of even just guests phone photos are good enough.

Some couples are so "into" photography they'll pay many thousands for a particular photographer to photograph their wedding.

There's no "right" price to pay for your wedding photography - it's more a case of, how much will photos of your wedding day be worth to you - not TODAY but in ten, twenty years time.

However - you want a guide so here's my "insider" wedding photography prices guide.
These prices are prices I would expect a full time professional wedding photographer to charge (In East Anglia) - obviously your friend at work who loves photography could photograph your wedding for the cost a meal but it's your wedding photos at risk if they don't perform - there's no second chance and believe me I've seen some unbelievably bad photos from "friends"

£400 Around 4 hours at your wedding and simply digital images with very little editing - maybe just exposure correction and cropping.

£600 Around 6 hours at your wedding and again just digital images and little editing.

£800 Around 6 hours but with much more editing - adjusting every image for a huge variety of variables - skin re-touching - removing background distractions - adding subtle effects to enhance every photo. Plus maybe a few prints.

£1200 Full day with album, edited images, possibly a slideshow etc.

Top End

£1500 Full day as above but plus a pre-wedding or engagement shoot. 

£1800 As above but including many more printed items - albums, framed prints, parents albums etc.

WHY So Expensive!

Much like a £100 bottle of wine compared to my normal £8 bottle it's not easy to identify the exact reason. Better quality, reliability, consistency.....


Also whilst the couple will see the photographer for say 10 hours on their wedding day and maybe an hour for an engagement shoot that's the tip of the iceberg. There's around 3 times as long required to edit the images at the top end of photography, plus design an album or two, plus pre-wedding consultation and post wedding meeting. On a purely hourly rate calculation the costs become much more understandable - add in cameras, lenses and other equipment that will total possibly £10k and it's actually very reasonably priced!

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