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From the day I was given a camera for my 12th birthday I've loved photography. I've been fortunate enough to photograph caribbean beaches, the space shuttle and Moto GP. I've photographed my children growing up, their happiness and sadness. I simply love photography as for me it's a way to capture forever a moment in time - I look back at any photograph and I'm instantly transported back in time to that moment. Nothing else does this and that's why I love wedding photography - in years to come I know you'll look back at the images and like me, you'll be transported back to your wedding day, You'll remember the people, the weather, the smells, the dress, ,,, everything will be there for you for always - and I created it. It simply makes me feel great to give it to you...


What Others Say..


Allen, Thanks for the link to the gallery - WOW! Brilliant - I can't thank you enough for your efforts and the photos are exactly what I'd dreamed of - can't wait to see your album design. BTW everyone said how nice you were to work with!

Thanks and see you soon Babs


Hi Allen, Thank you so much for the photos - it was a pleasure having you as our wedding photographer and the photos will be something I'll look at forever.. You captured the day perfectly - well done and thanks again

Sam and Brian


Dear Allen, Thank you for your hard days work - it was so hot and you had so much to do! The pictures are smashing and we definitely want an album - a BIG one so we can get lots of the lovely photos in!

Speak to you next week and thanks again

Victoria and James


What Others Say..


Dear Allen Just to say a huge thank you the wedding shots are amazing! Thanks so much for bringing the day alive again! Can’t wait to see the album ❤

Kind regards Abby x


Hello Allen. We have both looked through our wedding photos and are thrilled with you amazing pictures. You have portrayed our wedding just how we wanted.

Again thanks so much.



Hi Allen  A quick "thank you" for your patience and efforts on Saturday - I've just had a quick look at the online gallery and the photos are beautiful!! THANK YOU so much for your photos - can't wait to get home and relive my wedding:-)

Best regards Hollie


About my


I'm a down to Earth type of guy and realise that being a Wedding Photographer is a passion but also a business. It's my business to provide you, my client, with what you want and expect. So "my" style takes second place to what you want, if you want reportage style with many black and white images, fine, I'll create that for you. If you want high fashion style, fine, I'll create stunning images that would grace a Bridal magazine. If you say to me "do what you think best" (and most people do!) , then I'll create a composite collection whose aim is to tell the STORY of you Wedding Day from start to finish. There'll be candid, in the moment reportage style shots that will capture many things you wont see yourself on the day, Candid shots of you and your guests throughout the day. And then of course posed groups and many shots of you, the Happy Couple in beautiful locations.

Ella Bridal Shoot-1-1-4.JPG

What Gets


Brides Prep.


The Brides preparations are a great way to start telling the story of the day - it's real - it's fun and often chaotic and makes for some great images. It's also a chance to photograph the DETAILS that play such an important part in your day. Be it the flowers, the dress, the shoes or the empty bottles of Champagne!

Ella Bridal Shoot-1-1-8.JPG

What Gets


The "Guys"


Let's face it once the Bride shows up the GUYS are toast!

So I'll find time to get to where ever Guys are before the CEREMONY and get shots just of them. It might just be GROOM and BESTMAN or Groomsmen, Dad, Brothers.... whatever, I'll get photos that will be memorable, some relaxed and some posed.


What Gets


The Ceremony


From a simple REGISTRY OFFICE to a CATHEDRAL the Wedding Ceremony follows a set pattern.

From guests taking their seats to the Brides ARRIVAL, the ceremony itself, the first KISS and exchanging RINGS.

This part of the day doesn't allow for any posed or staged shots and everything has to be photographed!

There's NO second chance!

Miss a moment and it's gone forever....


What Gets


It's Confetti Time!!

A Great chance to RELAX and of course a long held tradition that makes for super photos...


What Gets


Group Photographs

This tradition has been with us forever and allows you to remember your day with friends and family.

Usually I'll ask for the "BIG" group shots first, so everyone gets included before anyone has a chance to wonder off! I'll then start to reduce the size of the group with Bride family, Groom family, friends, Grand parents and so on as separate groups - I'm always concerned to get every shot you want so if you have a list of which groups you want then I'll happily work with that.

I usually use fairly traditional poses for the large groups but then try and use the location to get some different settings as the groups get smaller


What Gets


The Happy Couple

Great images of you on your wedding day is of course expected. I believe that your wedding day should be about you enjoying the day, the people, the whole event. Yes you want great photos of you both but you don't want to spend ages away from the party! I do my utmost to ensure that I'll get the great images but without too much disruption to your day. I'll make sure everything is set-up and all you do is spend a few minutes with me then can get back to your guests and enjoy the day. I'll get shots of you in several different locations as the day goes on in as little time as possible. If you have particular images in mind I'll get those of course and I'll use the location, props and light to create superb photos


What Gets


The Evening

The Wedding Breakfast and Reception are times when I'll use "reportage" photography to get candid shots with a long lens and standing back well out of the way. I'll get those moments when someone cracks a joke, when you hug someone you haven't seen for years.... There's the CAKE to cut, there's SPEECHES to listen to, and finally your FIRST DANCE.... A disco often provides dramatic lighting to round the day off with beautiful colours.


What Happens


Having spent all day getting somewhere around 1500 images that can never be repeated it's vital to make sure they're safe. Whatever the time the files are downloaded from my cameras to my PC, then overnight uploaded to a cloud storage. By the next morning everything is totally safe - phew! I'll then process (adjust the crop, colour balance, brightness and a dozen other things) around 200 images which I feel best represent your WEDDING DAY and upload these to a private album on my website. This is time consuming work and there'll be maybe 20 images where I'll spend additional time on to create really outstanding images of several parts of the day. I'll send you a link and password so you and your guests can enjoy the day all over again! I'll work with you to create an album and any additional canvases, prints etc that you or your guests may want


The Collections


My "everything included" package

Engagement / Pre-Wedding or Post Wedding photo shoot

All day as long as needed - no time limits at all

All the images you could want - over 200 individually edited and perfectly processed full resolution images delivered via an online private album +images on DVD/Flash drive

Canvas Print - a 16x12 top quality canvas of your choice

Enlargements - 3 professional quality 10x8 prints of your choice

And finally a beautiful Premium 12x12, 26 Page, Layflat Wedding Album including design and production and delivery.

This truly is the Gold Standard when it comes to wedding photography with everything any couple could want to have timeless memories of their wedding day

tatic Video throughout the day of all the main events - then edited together with stills to produce a stunning 30 minute 4k Video (playback on PC or TV) £195


Bridal portrait

The Collections


Slightly Less Coverage But With All The "Must Have" Elements Still Included.

Wedding Day Coverage up to 6 hours - Including either the Brides Prep. OR Evening to First Dance

The images - approx. 150 individually edited and perfectly processed full resolution images delivered via an online private album +images on DVD/Flash drive

Canvas Print - a 16x12 top quality canvas of your choice

Enlargements - 3 professional quality 10x8 prints of your choice Wedding Album - design and production of a Premium 12x12, 26 Page, Layflat Wedding Album- actual album cost NOT included (from £120)

tatic Video throughout the day of all the main events - then edited together with stills to produce a stunning 30 minute 4k Video (playback on PC or TV) £195


Happ Bride Photo

The Collections

The Atheneaum

Quality Photography of the Essential Elements of Your Wedding Day


Wedding Day Coverage up to 4 hours - Including Arrivals, The Ceremony, Details (rings, flowers, etc), Group and Family Photos, Couple and Individual Shots in 2 or 3 Locations, and The Reception


The images - approx. 120 individually edited and perfectly processed full resolution images delivered via an online private album +images on DVD/Flash drive

Enlargements and Other Print Products - Available as Required.

Print Album - design of a 26 page Wedding Album on request but not included

tatic Video throughout the day of all the main events - then edited together with stills to produce a stunning 30 minute 4k Video (playback on PC or TV) £195



Your wedding is a day in your life you will always remember.

Since time began we have used images to recall our lives, be it cavemen painting themselves hunting, or images from the Lunar landing. It's simply a part of being human that we want to preserve forever a moment in time that's important to us.

If you choose me as your wedding photographer I promise to capture every aspect of your wedding to preserve your day forever. Thank you


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