This is Your Wedding Day - Remember it Forever....

Your Wedding Photographed.....

Photographing your wedding requires thousands of pounds or equipment, decades of experience and a lifetime of creativity. It requires dedication and care.

I take the responsibility of photographing your wedding very seriously - you've spent months or even years planning, you've invested thousands in creating the best day you'll ever have. You want and deserve stunning photos to allow you to travel in time - so on your tenth anniversary, your silver wedding and golden wedding anniversary you can look at a photograph and instantly be transported back to that moment, smell the smells, feel the excitement and emotion. 

I create a time machine for you.....

Let me explain what your wedding day will be like....

Wedding Prep Photo

Prep.& Details

My day begins with you getting ready for the day. I'll join you when your make-up is mostly finished and get unforgettable photos of the excitement, chaos and beauty of you and your bridesmaids before the main event. It's also a time to get some of the details, the rings, flowers, decorations, everything you've worked so hard to get right for today.
I'll also not forget "the guys" and I'll take time to get shots of the groom, best-man, Dad, brothers.....

Church Wedding Suffolk Photographer

The Ceremony

Then it's the big moment.
The ceremony - I'll photograph your arrival, walking up the aisle, your guests, exchanging rings, your first kiss, signing the register and finally walking back up the aisle as man and wife.
And you'll hardly notice I'm there....

Outside and I'll organise the group photo-shoot and confetti . Beginning with everyone and working down to smaller groups until it's just the two of you. 

Wedding at Prested Hall Suffolk

Staged Photos of You Both

Some Wedding Photographers only take candid, in the moment photos. These are absolutely essential of course and tell the story of your day - but these can only go so far. There's a place for some "staged" photos where the location is right, the lighting perfect and it's a chance to get you both in a photo that really says, "we're in Love"
These created images will always take you back to that moment.....

Wedding 1st Dance Photo

First Dance

The rest of the day will include many more candid shots, photos of the speeches and your guests reactions, cake cutting, throwing your bouquet, and finally the first dance.
I love this time, beautiful lighting, emotions, love....

I can get really creative and get some amazing images to round the day off.


Being at your wedding and taking hundreds of photographs is just the start.

These images are the raw material from which I'll individually craft around 200 perfect photographs of every part of your wedding. 
I'll create a private photo gallery on my website where you and your friends and guests can view, share and download the full resolution images and use as you please.

I'll take the images which best tell the story of your day and create an online Wedding Album - once you're happy with the design I'll have it printed and delivered to you along with a large Canvas and enlargements

This is the story of Your Wedding Day to cherish forever......