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As a professional wedding photographer in Suffolk I've photographed around a hundred weddings and would like to share some "secrets" that will ensure you get the very best photographs of your wedding day possible.

1) Getting great wedding photographs is a two way street - you have to work with your photographer to get good photos. Whilst a lot of your wedding photographs will be taken candidly to capture "in the moment" shots there will be many images that have to be created.

For these you'll need to work together with your photographer, get to the right location with the light in the right direction, pose - different photographers will ask different things regarding "posing" - I simply set the scene and allow you to be natural, talk to your partner, look in different directions - I won't even ask you to smile!

2) It takes time. Your wedding photos will be something you should treasure forever and whilst a good photographer will be as unobtrusive as possible they will need you to take time away from your guests throughout the day. I always do my utmost to reduce this as far as possible by setting up any lights in the chosen location for the next shots, knowing exactly what images I want to get and having my camera all set and ready to go.

3) Be Happy! It's by no means unusual to hear my wedding clients say, "I hate having my photo taken!" Ok, I do as well but this is your day, it's the one day YOU are the centre of attention and I always do my very best to be at ease with you so you can relax and be happy - this will show in your wedding photos. I'm around all day long in most cases so you'll quickly get used to seeing me and should help you forget about me and simply enjoy your day.

4) Have a shot list. I of course have a list of images I'll capture throughout your wedding day. However, if there's any unusual images you'd like taken during the day please do let me know - or - create a complete list if you prefer. This maybe a shot of you with your dogs, or with a relation you haven't seen for years. Just let me know.

5) You are the client. Your wedding photographer is working for you - not the other way round! I hear a few horror stories of wedding couples and their guests who've been bossed around by the photographer, or where he's spoken to people in a bossy "do this, do that" kind of way. Don;t let them do it - have a word with them before it can ruin your day.

Great wedding photography is not simply pointing a camera at the right thing - it's mostly about relating to people in a way that shows them at their very best so people skills are every bit as important as photography skills.

If you'd like to find out more about how I go about Wedding Photography then please visit my Weddings page here or contact me here

Have a great wedding :-)

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