Switch Back To NIKON from SONY

It's over.....

My love affair that was Sony has officially ended. In 2 hours all my Sony gear goes on eBay and next week when it's all sold I'm getting a brand new Nikon D780 and lenses. Let me explain.....

I've been a Wedding Photographer since 2013 and before that I was a mad keen enthusiast for decades. Since about 1990 I've used Nikon cameras - when digital arrived in early 2000's I played with Panasonic and Sony but didn't get a digital camera until around 2006. I plumped for a Nikon D60? Long time ago but I know I later upgraded to a D90, D700, etc etc. When I started photographing wedidngs professionally in 2013 I had a D700 and D7000 and a bunch of zoom lenses. The photos were "ok" - I was very happy at the time but looking back they were at best "ok". I gradually moved towards prime lenses and by 2017 ONLY used primes - a 35, 50 and 85. Made life a lot harder than standing in the corner twisting a zoom ring but way better photos for lots pof reasons. In early 2018 I added an "exotic" Nikon lens - the 135mm F2 DC - a 10 year old design (but still manufactured) that allows control of the amount of "defocus" applied to the background. It was hard work, big, heavy and temperamental but I mastered it for portraits at weddings, engagement shoots and families.. I'd kept an eye on Sony's new A7 camera and in 2015 bought one to try - it was awful!. Focus was rubbish and not nice to hold with a weird, hard to navigate menu system -sold it after a week but did keep an eye on Sony. Fast forward to late 2018 and by now NIKON were joining the MIRRORLESS CAMERA race with the Z6 and Z7. I waited eagerly for the launch and even pre-orderd a Z6.

WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT - one card slot - no eye AF and poor face detect and no grip - poor battery life and no availability for months.

I cancelled my pre-order. Sony had some months before launched the A7iii to universal acclaim. All the features you could want and then some. Reluctantly I decided to switch completely to SONY as it would obviously be a very ling time until Nikon caught up - if ever.... I did hang onto my beloved Nikon D700 and a couple of lenses, the 50mm F1.4 and a 18 to 35 zoom lens.

So here I was with a nice shiny new SONY A7iii and a 24-105 zoom kit lens - long story cut very short - It took me about 3 months and 10 weddings to get close to using the Sony A7iii as I had my Nikon D750. Just so weird and with so many features I was constantly getting confused and my photography suffered. I added 3 primes to my kit and 2019 was a busy year with about 25 weddings and boudoir, portraits and families. I can now say I never fell in love with the SONY A7iii

Yes- it's perfect as a wedding camera - very versatile, fast, accurate focus, good white balance, and much more.... BUT IT LACKS SOUL

The images are technically really good - and boring Using the camera leaves me unexcited and it really is just a tool to do a job - photographing weddings. WHY?

Jump back 20 years to film days - you were careful to compose, frame and get the exposure right as you only had 24 or 36 frames on the roll of film.You took TIME. Then you waited until you'd used that roll of film, sent it off, waited a few days and then got the photos back. I believe this disconnection between taking the photo and seeing the photo was part of the magic of photography. The anticipation of seeing the photos was part of the fun. Then digital came along. There was (is) still this disassocation, a time lag but it's now a second whilst you "chimp" at the rear screen to see the photo. But it's still there and enables a moment of anticipation to exist - it adds to the experience of taking a photo. The MIRRORLESS came along - my Sony A7iii has no such anticipation. What you see is exactly what you get - many find this a bonus and the raving is all for the latest "MIRRORLESS offerings, The NIKON Z6ii and Z7ii, CANON'S R, R5 and R6....

Yet none address what it takes to create a great photo (imho) "Character" rather than "perfection"

I just sent a whole day looking back over the last 4 years photos in Lightroom - would you believe 165k photos! I looked at my Nikon ones - with zoom lenses, with 85 F1.8 primes lens, and with the 135 F2dc lens. Then I looked at my Sony offerings - yes there's more perfectly focused ones (but only by a small percentage) but there's few if any that come close to the "character" of the 135 F2dc photos. There's few that even rise above most of the Nikon D700 images - in fact those have a unique "look" something that no mirrorless camera seems to offer. So for now, and the next few years probably I'm giving up the convenience of a mirrorless SONY A7iii for the "soul" offered by DLSR's. I can correctly expose a photo without an EVF. I can focus on a eye with a single point AF and get nearly 100% tack sharp. AND I'll have character back.

I'll have joy back and I'll again look forward to actually using a camera at a wedding for 10 hours

. Here comes the NIKON 780... and my beloved 135 F2Dc lens and other "character" prime lens that aren't technically as "good" as a Sony lens but boy, do they make for better photos....

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