Post Covid Wedding Trends

How's YOUR Wedding Planning Going?

It's Easy to feel that you're the only one re-scheduling, changing venue or re-writing the guest list for the third time.

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Let me share with you some facts about weddings in this soon to be Post Covid era ......

1) 65% of Couples have postponed at least once

2) 17% of couples will now get married on a FRIDAY - almost double the previous levels

3) 61% of couples planning to get married HAVE NOT YET BOOKED ANYTHING

4) 82% of Couples with a guest list of less than 15 people will have 2 celebrations.

Feeling less out of the ordinary?

The length of engagements is running at twice the length pre-covid Most (68%) re-scheduled weddings are planned for June 2021 onwards with the majority wanting to get married in 2021 rather than delaying to 2022 Around 90% of couples believe they'll be able to have unrestricted wedidngs by JUNE 21

With the pressure increasing on Venues as more and more couples book their wedding in 2021 WEEKDAY WEDDINGS are becoming increasingly common.

Engaged couples now planning their wedding are, on average, likely to find their wedding costs increased by an average of £2000

Engaged couples expect at least half their guests to be vaccinated if their wedding is after September 2021

WInter and especially Christmas, is still the most popular time to get engaged - Valentines is only the 7th most popular date

Hotels and Barns are the most popular wedding venues with Church weddings 4th and country house venues 6th

Costs - The average planned wedding cost is £14,422 including rings and honeymoon 8% of UK weddings took place in the EAST of ENGLAND In 2020 couples in East Anglia spent an average £879 on their wedding photographer In 2020 Hairdressers and photographers were the most commonly hired professionals, whilst stationery and decoration were the least. 85% of couples hired a professional photographer and 73% a hairdresser.

For me I'm still finding couples are re-arranging dates although less so than in the last year! If you haven't yet booked your photographer and would like more information just email me at or CONTACT ME HERE



*Data from BrideBook