Free Engagement Photo Shoot

Spring is just around the corner so it's again time to offer Engaged couples in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk the chance to work with me to get timeless reminders of this short time before they get married. It gives them a chance to work with a professional wedding photographer in Suffolk and see what it's like. Many couples is meet at wedding consultations are apprehensive about having their photos taken at the wedding - or say "I don't look good in photos". By having a free engagement photo shoot done they can see for themselves that they can, and do look great in photos if they're done correctly. I ask the couple. "what would be the very best photo of you both you can imagine?" So we'll then be able to define the location, the time of day, the clothes they'll be wearing, the "look" - whether it's fun, romantic, sporty etc. On the day we'll meet and head off to the location - getting the timeless photos of their engagement sometimes requires loads of photographic gear - lights, several lenses, reflectors plus accessories like umbrellas, hats, scarfs. When I photograph a wedding there are two types of photograph - first, and comprising over 80% of the photos of the wedding day, are documentary photos. These are shots where I simply record what's happening - the Brides prep. - the wedding ceremony - cutting the wedding cake - the bride and groom's first dance and so on. Then there's the "staged wedding photos" - here I create the image; I'll choose the location, set-up the lighting, and ask the couple to pose. Most wedding couples expect, "do this, look here, arm up, cheeks together" kind of instruction - that's not me. It's more, "stand here and do what comes naturally". Then I wait and simply photograph the wedding couple as they start to even forget I'm there.

It's this latter type of image I'll create in the Free engagement photo shoot.

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We Work With the Following Wedding Suppliers:-

Brides by Solo
Haughley Park Barn

Ravenwood Hall

Elegant Hair and Beauty

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Suffolk wedding photographer covering Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Colchester and Cambridge. I'd be delighted to attend your wedding and capture beautiful photos of your wedding day and I also offer engagement photograp[hy in Suffolk

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