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Elegant and Sophisticated Wedding Photography, yet Relaxed and Natural....

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Elegant, Sophisticated wedding photography

It took me a few years and over 60 weddings to "get it".

I mean how to photograph a wedding unobtrusively so that everyone is relaxed and natural.

Trouble was, whilst I could photograph like that the images were just so "ordinary"

So it took another few dozen weddings and another year before I then found out how to not just take a good wedding photograph but how, by using light, location, position and the right moment, plus the right camera gear (lenses mostly) I could create a truly beautiful wedding photo for the couple.

Since then I've won awards, competitions and become (according to "Hitched") Suffolk's best wedding photographer as well at winning their 2023 Wedding Award.

Wedding photography presents challenges everytime.

Whether it's cold dismal weather, tiny ceremony room or 40c brilliant sunshine us Wedding Photographers have to deliver great photos. I pride myself on having "been there and done that". From -1c and snow to 36c sunshine, from palatial country wedding venues to literally a tin shed.

The trick is to work with what there is.

So if it's even slightly bright I'll work at getting the style of wedding photo I love which is bright and airy. But oftentimes (in UK after all) it's dull and cloudy or evening. Then I'll work with the light that's available and focus on using that light to best effect. For me it's all about the Light - that's always my first priority.

Then it's Location - what's in the background, what adds to the photo and what detracts

Finally the Look and Moment - what are the people doing - should I help with my ideas - should I simply wait for just the right moment.

Suffolk Wedding Photographer

A wedding day is made up of a series of "moments" that through great photos will become you "memories" of the day.

It's so important to get a photographer who'll give you photos that will be the right momories of yoru wedding day.

I always meet my wedding couples to explain exactly what I'll do on their day - they explain what's important to them. If we're a good fit then great - but that's not always the case and it's best for everyone to look elsewhere.

I'd of course welcome the chance to talk (or text or email...) about your wedding so please - just hit that "Chat" button or drop me an email and let's work together to create these lifelong memories .


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