Photography Workshops In Suffolk and Beyond

One question....

Are you totally satisfied with the results of your photography?

I mean when you get back home and download your photos and see them do you feel elated and chuffed that you managed to capture the moment, got great lighting, got perfect composition.

is it more a case of "oh crap" - nice photo but out of focus, really shouldn't have cut her head off, never saw that pole coming out of here head, why's it so dark....

Modern digital cameras can be hugely complicated and are able to create stunning images in situations old film cameras wouldn't have a hope.
But therein lies the problem - they can be complicated and with so many settings to think about it all too easy to forget that the most important aspect of photography is what's in front of the camera, not the camera itself.

Until you can get your camera to be a tool that you don't even need to think about you'll never have enough attention to devote to getting super photos.

As a professional Wedding, portrait and Boudoir photographer it's actually quite rare that I have to give a thought to my camera - it's all about what happens in front of me that matters.

My Photography Workshops aim is to get you to be proficient with your camera (no matter what the make or model) so you can move onto the "ART" of photography rather than being stuck in the "HOW" 

In my One Day Photography Workshops in Suffolk I'll show you how to master your camera to a point where your camera is set-up so you can move onto being creative without being held back by "settings".

All too often people overcome this barrier by using "AUTO" 

This will enable you to get a photo for sure but will always limit your creativity and imagination and can only give you "ok" images at best.

Yet "Manual" and the other camera modes are really not complicated once someone explains it all in a step by step, methodical way.

I hold workshops limited to just 6 people once a month at Woolpit in Suffolk where there's a perfect place to meet - there's refreshments all day, lunch and is a balanced mix between me talking and you practising.


By the end of the day you'll:-
* Have your own camera set-up as mine is so that you rarely even have to think about changing anything - yet have complete control of all the important features at the touch of a few buttons.

* Understand enough about exposure, focusing, ISO, depth of field, shutter speed, white balance, and more to be able to decide from now on what the best settings will be in any situation.

* Understand and practised at some areas of the "ART" of photography - composition, layers, balance, light and shadow, focus and more.

Good photography requires practice and you'll leave with the knowledge and skills to start creating images you never dreamed of.

I also provide an online aftercare service where you can ask any questions that you wish for the following three months.

There's a printed booklet accompanying the workshop so no need for notes.

The day begins at 10 pm with coffee (or tea etc.) and introductions at Woolpit Museum - our base for the day.
We'll spend a little while getting to know each other before we start.
The day is split into 2 major areas:-
Technical and Art
The day is NOT a 6 hour lecture but more "guided learning" where I'll explain a certain topic but then we'll look at how that impacts in a practical way to real-life photography.
We'll look at:-
Jpeg -v- Raw
Post Processing
Depth of field
Creative photographs
Setting YOUR camera up for success
Before moving onto more specific areas determined by the attendees - maybe portrait photography, sports, wildlife or landscapes.
Woolpit is a beautiful village with many places we can practice a variety of different photography which we'll do several times during the day.
Refreshments and toilet facilities are on-site and lunch will be provided (and it's worth coming along just for that!)
The day will end around 4 pm
You'll receive a workbook with all the important notes and slides you'll need to look back on - I'll also provide a dedicated email to contact me to ask any questions arising in the following 3 months.
Price £95
I try and arrange the date to best suit the participants for the following month - it's usually a Sunday (Saturday's I'm photographing weddings!) but can also be a weekday if that suits everyone.
Please use the form below to get in touch and let me know the best day for you and we'll take it from there.
I look forward to seeing your stunning photos afterwards!