Photograpy Introductory Course

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Thank you for joining me for this 5 part video course.

By the end of this I hope and expect you to be "in love" with photography and dying to get out and shoot whatever you can just for the fun of it.

You may well find that whilst this course answers many of your questions and is really helpful to move you forward with your photography it also raises other questions!

It may give you an added hunger to progress still further to be able to capture a wider range of images in different settings and cope with more challenging photography.

If that's the case I run monthly full day workshops in Suffolk that will take all this a lot further and give you assisted practice in real life situations.

You can find all the details of the upcoming workshops here - I'd love to see you there


Basics of getting away from Auto

How a camera takes a photo

Separating Exposure and Focus

The Exposure Triangle and Modes

Effects of the altering any of the three exposure elements

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Recap of Lesson 1
Look at how to set camera to "A" and use ISO to change the Shutter Speed and get exactly the right creative image

Recap of Lesson 2
Focus Areas and Focus Modes and how and when to use each.

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