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Personal Branding Photography

It goes without saying that image is everything - 40 years ago it was important - today it's absolutely paramount.
We are surrounded by superb images in magazines, online, and brochures mostly created by world class photographers who've been paid a small fortune to create these amazing photos.

How can you possibly compete without a four figure budget?


I create eye catching images of your business that will showcase it to the world
I create photos of you and your staff that align with your needs
I create images of your products that are engaging 

LET ME HELP  - Get in touch and let's start working on this together.

What Our Clients Say

Your Business

Showcase who you are and what you do.

To you it may seem ordinary but your potential clients want to know about your business. 

What better way than show them!

Personal Branding Photography
What Do You Make?

Whatever you make, whatever service you offer; it deserves great images to bring it to life

A 100 word description couldn't explain this bread.

A single image and you can taste it!

Product Photography
and You!

Say who your are.

At your best.

Photographed perfectly.

Whole libaries have been written about photographing people.


Use my 9 years as a professional wedding photographer to capture the best photos of you (and your staff) you've ever seen 

Personal Branding Headshot


Anyone who wants great images of themselves - their team or their products

I've worked with:-
modeling competition winners,


companies large and small wanting images that identify their brand,

managing directors,

youtube stars,

ballet dancers,

and many more.....


EVERYONE needs good images ....


Drue, Guitar teacher - Youtube 231k subscribers

Allen did a fantastic job of taking my PR shots. We had a great day! Over 5 different locations! All images were pin point sharp and he has a keen eye for composition. Thank you Allen.

Personal Branding Photography Packages

We're all different and I won't fit you into a box just to make life easy.
If you explain exactly what you want then I'll give you a firm price and photography details which we'll agree on and I'll deliver.

However you need a "Price Guide" initially and this is below and will help you gauge the probable cost of what you want.

The locations can be anywhere in East Anglia - I'm very happy to travel further but will ask for travelling costs.
I can offer a studio if required at £85 per session

Guitarist branding photo

Whole Day

Up to 8 hours with you at as many locations as required, photographing products, your business, you and your staff.
Edit and process up to 60 images


Model night-time photo suffolk

Half Day

Around 4 hours to photograph anything you wish at mulitiple locations if required.

Edit and process 40 images


Personal branding headshot

Couple of Hours

Yes 2 hours at a single location to photograph anything you require. Edit and process 30 images



Many businesses would ideally update their images a few times year - new staff - new products - events and so on.

I therefore offer a "retainer" based subscription whereby a monthly
fee allows you to use my services when you need
throughout the year for as long as you need


FOR EXAMPLE - a £20 monthly subscription means you could ask me to come to you 4 times a year for a one hour shoot - this is often enough for many shoots and is much easier to organise if you know you can call me again in a couple of months when you next need some photography.