Hopefully that's what you're looking for for your wedding.
There's no second chance to get photos of your big day and finding the right wedding photographer for you is so important.

Everyone whose wedding I have photographed tell me I was a "good" photographer - I invariably get good reviews and feedback but of course a Good Wedding Photographer is all about what each person is looking for.

Some people simply want a few photos of their wedding ceremony done by anyone.

Some want 3 days of wedding photography at a Caribbean island paradise by a top quality super expensive wedding photographer.

Ok, most people are somewhere inbetween which means value for money, great photos of the wedding, reliable, someone who "fits in" with the wedding party, and these kind of things.

Having photographed about 120 weddings over the last 7 years I have some idea of the way Brides often select their photographer so

Suffolk Weddng Milsomes-251
Ravenwood Hall Wedding
Bury St Edm=unds Wedding
Emily Wedding
Wedidng Dance
Black and White Wedding Photo
Wedding Confetti
Wedding Barrandov Opera House-3
Gosfield Hall Wedding
Milsomes Wedding
Milsomes Wedding
Suffolk Church Wedding
Woodhall Manor Wedding (11 of 13)
Suffolk Church Wedding
Gosfield Hall Wedding
Bedford Lodge Wedding
Woodhall Manor Wedding
Bedford Lodge Wedding
Gosfield Manor Wedding
Bridal Shoot
Belstead Brook Wedding
Belstead Brook Wedding
Suffolk Church Wedding
Leica Wedding Photo
Suffolk Weddng Photographer
Wedding Candid Shot
Wedding Couple
Documentary Wedding Photo

1) Download My Wedding Photography Brochure - it's short and concise with just the information you'll need when the day comes to actually decide on WHO is going to be your photographer. I ask for your name and email simply to be able to help you by sending a couple of emails with more tips and insights into getting the RIGHT photographer for you (which may not be me!) 

2) Make notes and KEEP RECORDS of everyone you contact and consider for any aspect of your wedding. There's really nothing better than a dedicated notebook - old fashioned but almost every bride finds it's the easiest solution.

3) Research research research!  With every aspect of your wedding there's so many possibilities there's really no shortcuts. AND IT'S FUN! This is the good bit - thinking, dreaming and creating your perfect day. Enjoy it!

4) And finally - MEET PEOPLE. Whenever possible meet the person you're considering for your band, the flowers, the cake, and of cousre your photographer. 

For that reason I offer free, no obligation engagement photo shoots so that prospective couples can meet me before making any decision.

Wishing you all the very best and a great wedding day