Family Portrait Guide

Let me help you to help me to get the very best images we can when you come along to a Family Portrait Session.

Great family photos don't just happen - they need to be created! Many things come together to get great shots:-

1) Light - ok we live in England and not California so the light is sometimes not co-operative! In cases where nature doesn't give the light we need then I'll bring my own sunshine in the form of speedlights. These do take a minute to get set-up correctly so please be patient :-)

2) Background - all sorts of backgrounds can work well from dark forests, to sunlight through the trees, to derelict buildings! I'd like your input here as there's so many options if you could think a little about what the overall "look" should be it will help me get the images you really like. By all means grab some shots from Pinterest if you want.

3) Posing - my "style" is a relaxed natural look but with a bit of direction also, otherwise the pictures just look like snapshots. I'll need to guide you so as to get the best lighting and background but I do understand that kids don't always play ball (they can do that if they want btw!) so I'll try and be easy going and not so fussy as to wear out their patience.

4) Clothes - there's a guide opposite which should help but try and avoid "busy" patterns, and plain white as it comes out a bit flat. Other than that anything you feel comfortable in and that says who your are. I've done many shoots with kids dressed up in whacky clothes - and parents in old fashioned gear. Whatever works for you and you'd like to be seen in for years to come.

5) Relax! It's fun. I'm easy going and they'll be no, "look this way, chin down, hand up, shoulder down" stuff. Sure I'll make some suggestions but then it's up to you.

Hope that helps and look forward to getting the best pictures when we meet.



I'll go home, back-up the photos and import to Lightroom. There I'll select the best photos - then I'll individually edit each one to get the absolute best look possible. That means adjusting exposure, white balance, highlights....

I'll upload these to an album and create an animated slideshow and burn to a DVD - this is yours and I'll send to you within a few days. I'd be delighted if you like some of the images in the online album enough to want some prints - these can be simple photographic enlargements, maybe a Canvas, or framed print, or print album. All the options are shown on this page together with pricing. 
IT WOULD REALLY HELP - if you could have in mind anything there that you'd like BEFORE our photo shoot - this will enable me to err towards images that will best suit your requirements. 

That's it for now 

See you soon


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