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Lindsey&Jason Family Photo

Family Photography



About Me

I was just 12 when I got my first camera - a Kodak Brownie 127.

I adored this simple camera for several years. I remember the anticipation waiting for the film to arrive back at the chemists who did the processing - then opening the envelope and seeing my creations for the first time.

To this day I still get that excitement from my Sony A7iii camera - I still have to wait whilst the images upload to my PC then the same excitement as I open the images in Lightroom for the first time.

Over the years I've used many cameras, in every conceivable situation, to produce images from Newborn Babes, to Moto GP racing.  Years ago I found myself gravitating towards images of People which led me into Wedding and Portrait Photography which is my passion.

I love photographing people....


My Style...

I never ever get tired of photographing people. 

Everyone is unique and it's capturing that uniqueness that is my passion. 
Who is this person?
What are they doing?
What do they love?
What's the story?

My style is to capture photographs of you and your family that are as unique as you are - I don't have any "set" shots that I do at every session, I don't use the same lens, the same lighting or the same poses. 
Every session is unique and I use whatever settings. lighting, posing and techniques I think will best suit YOU in this situation.


What's Involved..

Whilst ever photo shoot is different there are some commonalities.

The session will last up to around 2 hours - until every shot you want is done.

The location can be anywhere within approx 25 miles of Bury St Edmunds - your favourite park, a beach, a city shoot, at my studio, or at your home.

I'll select and individually edit 30 images and upload to an online gallery where you can view, share and download to use as you please.


What Others Think...

Donna & Paul

Allen - thank you. Our second photo shoot I enjoyed even more than the first and being winter didn't make any difference.

Love all the photos

Maria & Lee

Allen the pictures are perfect - exactly what I wanted and really enjoyed the shoot as well
Many thanks and I'll let you know the photos for the album next week.

Helen and Dave

Hi Allen. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos - really fun time at the park and the kids actually enjoyed it too!
A really great job - well done.

Please visit my Facebook Page for more Reviews HERE


Your Investment...

I used to hate that term when I first started as a professional photographer, your investment sounds really naff. However I now believe that this really is an investment, in you and your family. An investment is something that will pay you back in future - and this photo shoot will definitely do that.
In years to come you'll be so pleased you did this and the cost will be irrelevant,

It's simple.
I charge £150 for everything:-

2 hour photo shoot

30 individually edited full resolution digital images

20 page 8x8 softcover album

If you'd like prints, canvas, album, acrylic, etc afterwards Ill organise these at cost price.

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