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Start the story of your wedding with superb images of you both

It all starts with,....
"Yes, I will"
in answer to his question, "will you marry me?" 

This time, your engagement, might last just a few months or maybe a few years - but it doesn't last forever.

The photos we'll create during an Engagement Shoot will last forever and will instantly take you back to this brief time in your life.

Let's create memories that will last a lifetime. 

The shoot can be anywhere within 30 miles of Bury St Edmunds, can be evenings or a weekend, day or night....


The Shoot is FREE*


I'll give you 30 digital images - all individually edited to perfection.
I'll upload these to your own online gallery for
you to keep, share, save  - whatever you want.


and let's get started.

FREE !!*

Engagement Suffolk-19SMALL
Engagement Photo-17
Ipswich Engagement-12
Engagement Isaacs (27 of 29)SMALL
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement photo shoot
Summer Engaged couple
Engagemant Photo Suffolk

On the day of your engagement shoot:-
This isn't a high fashion, complicated thing. It's you and your partner being you. I just happen to be there with a camera!
The photos are for you - not me - so don't stress out about posing or looking good etc.

We'll wonder about to find some nice locations and light - I'll suggest how to stand and interact with each other but it's then down to you - if you're a happy couple who never stop laughing then laugh. If you're deeply romantically in love and can't stop kissing that's fine - kiss!
BE YOU - there's no right of wrong for you - there's plenty I need to get right but that's my problem.

Clothing wise just keep it simple but by all means elegant. Avoid strong colours and anything that clashes. Also pure black or pure white are actually quite hard to create the best photos so pastel colours is perfect.