Commerial Photographic Art

It's a fact

Your clients or customers are subconsciously affected by their surroundings.

Do they feel comfortable, happy, hungry or thirsty?

Your environment will have a huge influence on them and thus your sales.

I Help You Get In Their Heads!

By using a combination of subtly being

obvious in an artistic way! (If that makes any sense - let me explain)


My speciality is combining the science of sales and psychology with the
art of photography to provide you with images that both look fantastic but also has
subliminal suggestions that will help your business.

Why do you think the likes of Costa Coffee, MacDonalds, and Prezzo all have huge images on many of their walls?
It's not just because it looks nice.

It's to make their customers "feel" relaxed, comfortable, hungry and thirsty

I've been a photographer for over 20 years and understand the "science" of photography so that I know what a certain image will "say" subliminally.

I know how colours will work to create mood and energy. 


I'll create images that perfectly suit your business that will look great but also will have a positive effect on your customers.




I'll discuss with you your requirements - where do you see these images - how big - what do you want the images to say - what format etc.

I'll then sit with your customers - just sit and observe, listen, think and imagine what will work best for every image I'll create. I'll sometimes then return to get images in your premises - maybe the kitchen, your garden or just with customers. Possibly some images will be elsewhere - possibly at a certain time of day - even a certain time of year. It's not always a quick process!

I'll select and edit the images - to get the right tones and hues, the right level of sharpness and softness, the right depth of colour and much more. I'll create slight variations of each and return to you so we can choose the exact image that's right for each location.

It's then time to get the prints made - these maybe foam-boards, or canvases but more likely my unique Ciclee print process that produces almost watercolour like photo reproductions and is guaranteed for 80 years.
I'll return and fit these products in their locations  - the prints can be from small 24"x16" to 4mx2m wallpapers or box framed prints.


I'd love the opportunity to show you what I'd would do for you and explain how this would benefit your business.
Please simply get in touch and lets work together

All the best


GET IN TOUCH Email: Allen@CreativePixelPhotos.Com
Phone: 07425 169341

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