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The day after your wedding all you have are memories and photos.

Your memories will gradually fade but the photos will re-connect you back to a moment in time - so let's make sure they're worthy of your wedding day.

As a full time professional wedding photographer I hear way to many horror stories - the photographer was late (or didn't turn up!) - they took months to supply the photos - the photos were not what I expected - the photographer spoilt our day as they were bossy and demanding - etc etc.

I regularly get phone calls along the lines of, " are your free on XX date? Can I book you?"  But you haven't met me,. you have no idea if my photos are your style, you don't know the price for what you want. 

So let me help you get the right photographer for you.

My first suggestion is "know what you want"
However, you quite possibly aren't familiar with what's available so in the video I explain the various style and types of wedding photography, what gets photographed, what can be supplied, price, etc.
By the end pf the 13 minute video you'll have a much better understanding of what to look for and how to go about it.


Just to illustrate my point - a few days ago I did an "actors headshot" photo session for a budding actor.

He enthusiastically told me that he also photographs weddings!

I asked a little more about that as I'm obviously interested. He went on to say that as well as some acting, some modelling and a part-time job as a Social Worker, he photographs weddings - about 10 a year.
His gear comprises a cheap basic camera, one lens, no lights, no back-up camera, he doesn't have "Lightroom" or "Photoshop" to process and edit photos as he just sends the couple the photos straight out of the camera. I asked how he managed to get photos of good enough quality without any editing - he said that as they only paid about £400 for a wedding he hoped they didn't expect great photos!
As a full-time professional wedding photographer I am horrified!
I have over £6000 of gear - I individually edit every single photo I send to the couple so it's perfectly exposed, the colour is right, it's cropped correctly. Skin tones and blemishes are photo-shopped, I design and supply an album that artistically tells the story of your day and here's this guy ripping of couples with third rate service that will destroy their memories of their wedding day.

BE WARNED - He and scores of other "wedding photographers" are out to rip you off.

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