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How can this be?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Boudoir photo-shoot done. Maybe you've once looked into it and didn't like the idea of doing it at a studio, or maybe the price was more than you hoped....

I need your help!

I've done many Boudoir photo-shoots but I don't feel it's right to ask the client for images I can use here on my website or in advertising. These are the clients images and have been paid for.

I therefore need women who'd like the chance to enjoy a full Boudoir Photo-Shoot (normally £225) for free - I do need to be able to use some images from the shoot - with your express consent only - and ideally do the shoot before Christmas.

So if you'd like to find out more - or already know you would like to go ahead - just let me know in the contact box below and we'll sort out the details.

East Anglia's Prestige Boudoir Photographer

"I still can't believe that's me in the photos - I've never been in love with me and my body but....
I can now see myself as I can be without all the negative stuff of the past - this is a new me."

Mrs C

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